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Leftover Luxuries

Let Rubbermaid help you love your holiday leftovers and show you how to stretch them to their full potential….

Work holiday parties, potlucks, big family feasts, plus your usual day-to-day dinners; right about now there’s probably so much festive food crammed into your fridge you’re having trouble closing its door. There’s a sea of foam containers, foil and plastic-wrapped packages are squashed among pots and pans; it’s basically confusion in there and you’re likely dreading even looking inside. In truth, you should feel lucky to have tasty, useful leftovers. Try these tips for properly storing your post-meal portions to avoid waste so they stay organised, fresh and flavourful.

Effective organisation for small spaces is important both for helping you find what you need quickly, and for making the most of the available area. That same concept should be applied to the small space constraints of refrigerators.

Leftovers, clearly
If you bring leftovers home, transfer them immediately into
Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids™ containers. Their transparent walls make it a cinch to see the cuisine, plus their airtight lids help retain freshness. When food is wrapped or hidden in opaque packages you’ll find that you and your family are less likely to utilise what’s inside, because no one remembers what’s in there and probably won’t take the time to investigate each package. So, instead they remain ignored and are buried with each food addition until they’re discovered rotten, or just thrown out. Easily avoid this waste of money with Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids™ and Premier™ containers. They come in a range of sizes to fit almost any dish, plus they’re stackable which makes keeping an orderly fridge simple. Put tomato-based foods into Rubbermaid Premier™ containers, which are specially designed to resist stubborn stains. Remember to label them with the dates they were stored, to help you keep track of freshness. If you’re unsure of how long food’s been in the fridge, it’s wiser to throw it out than take chances with your family’s health. Are you bringing food to an event or home from the restaurant? For extra security when you’re on the move, look no further than Rubbermaid Lock-its containers. With a built-in rubberised seal and four locking tabs, Rubbermaid Lock-its lids will stay securely on the container. For neat and organised cabinet storage, the lids also snap to the base and to each other so you can always find the right lid. Rubbermaid Lock-Its containers are safe for microwave, dishwasher and freezer.

Leaving Space
Keeping the fridge organised and not crammed is more energy efficient. Cold air needs to be able to circulate for proper food safety—the ideal refrigeration temperature is approximately 4.5 degrees Celsius.

Be Creative
Regardless of how delicious the meal was the day before, encore presentations for the rest of the week could make anyone dread dinnertime. To help avoid the blahs, try being more creative with leftovers. For example, if you have half a pot of rice remaining, instead of serving it continuously until the pot’s empty, on night number two reinvent the rice into risotto, fried rice, or rice pudding for dessert. This way the food won’t go to waste (nor will anyone realise they’re eating leftovers) and you’ll keep everyone excited about the “new” meal. You could also just freeze the remainders in
Rubbermaid Premier™ or Easy Find Lids™, for use later in the month.

Fast Packing
Save time and pack containers for lunch at the same you’re serving dinner. You can get two jobs done in one step. (Then, technically, your family can’t turn their noses up at their “leftover” lunches anymore, because technically nothing was really left over.) Put the recipient’s name on the container so that person can grab it on their way out the door in the morning. The added benefit of doing this also helps ensure foods are packed away in airtight containers within two hours of preparation, guaranteeing proper food safety.

Prolong Freshness
Store whole fruits and vegetables in
Rubbermaid Produce Saver™ containers. The produce will stay fresher longer, plus it’s easier to locate the Produce Saver™ than root through the crisper drawer looking for veggies.