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Put the Garage in Park

Remember the main purpose of your garage? Hint: it has 4 wheels……

The garage is now widely recognised as one of the top home spaces in need of organisation, as its perpetual clutter barely allows for cars. It’s time to put some drive into your parking space. Rubbermaid can help you get your garage organised—and keep it that way.

Creating proper storage in the garage begins with purging. Don’t be discouraged by the scope of the project; begin by attacking one shelf, corner or section at a time, discarding or donating anything you no longer use. From sports equipment the kids have outgrown to irreparable gardening tools, follow the “everything must go” clearance-sale motto.

Once you’ve categorised what will remain, it’s time to create effective storage that will make room for your vehicle, allow access to tools and, potentially, a workstation. If you’re like most people, your clutter problems in the garage span from the smallest nuts, bolts and nails to power tools and electrical cords to bulkier items like ladders, bicycles and long handled tools. What could help? A wall-mounted rack, for starters. (Your wish list may also include a freestanding handle tool rack, a cordless tool centre with outlets and cabinets with pull shelving.) The problem: options for organisation are typically limited to the location of wooden studs in the garage.

Thus, your first step should be the introduction of Rubbermaid’s FastTrack® system, the backbone of any garage organisation. The system makes use of your entire wall, because the steel rail spans the space between the wall studs.  That means 10 times more storage space than screwing hooks directly into the studs alone. Simply hang the FastTrack® rail, lock on the FastTrack® accessories and organise your items where you need them the most—not just where the wall studs are located. The rail’s heavy steel construction provides extra durability, and it holds up to 790kgs. A wide range of accessories can easily attach to the rail to create a customised garage storage system that can change to meet anyone’s changing storage needs.

Your garage will also benefit from adding one of Rubbermaid’s Corner Tool Tower which can help keep items from getting lost or piling up under foot once again.

Whether you are an organisation fanatic or experiencing a new life stage (recently married, just purchased a new home, etc.), there’s never a bad time to whip the garage into functioning shape. And the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve managed to win back the space—turning a cluttered warehouse into an actual garage—will be immeasurable.