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Turn the table on Susan

Nine surprising uses for a Lazy Susan….

A Lazy Susan is one of those old-fashioned kitchen helpers that today’s homeowners often overlook. Which is a shame, because they’re a great aid for active households. Here are nine ways they can make themselves useful in your home.

Placed in a cupboard, a Lazy Susan turntable makes hard-to-reach items at the back of the cupboard a snap to grab, thus improving storage (still very smart, by the way!).

Kitchen-table condiment manager: Keep commonly used sauces, seasonings and condiments handy and accessible to all, by placing them on a Lazy Susan.

Beverage server: Serve beverages on a Lazy Susan so guests can quickly scan what’s on offer.

Craft cart: Put one on the kids’ playroom table so crayons, chalk, glue and other art supplies are readily reachable.

Cheese board: Put your cheeses, knives and preserves on a Lazy Susan. It’s especially appropriate on a picnic table when your usual hardwood or marble cheese tray is too heavy to carry.

Game aid: Set a board game on it so it’s easier to see what your Scrabble options are without risking moving the pieces when you shift the board.

Snack attack: Set healthy snacks on it so kids don’t even notice they’re munching on healthy treats, not junk food. The fun is in the turning the table after all.

Spa station: Having a girls’ spa night? Put mani-pedi supplies on the Lazy Susan so essentials are close at hand (and foot).

Decorating dispenser: Cut the mess from cupcake, biscuit and Easter-egg-decorating. Put icing tubes, bowls of sprinkles or bowls of egg-dye onto the Lazy Susan, and decorators are less likely to spill these mess-makers while working.

Child safety and learning aid: Parents of small kids are conscious of the need to move cleaning agents into hard to access places. A high cabinet is one location; though reaching all the way to the back for less-frequently used items can be a problem for shorter adults. A Lazy Susan makes for less reaching in those hard-to-see places. Add another Lazy Susan to your under-the-sink cabinet and put clean rags, wooden spoons, measuring cups and any other grown-up kitchen items your child is allowed to play with.