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Our volunteer installs Rubbermaid FastTrack® with confidence and ease

Easy does it

Our volunteer installs Rubbermaid FastTrack® with confidence and ease….

Being all things to all people, as the saying goes, is nearly an impossible endeavour. Not so for the innovative Rubbermaid FastTrack® Garage Organisation System. It’s so simple to install, and so versatile and expandable, that it seems ideal for nearly any garage. According to a Rubbermaid Product Manager of Garage, “Anyone who stores a lot of stuff in their garage will benefit from the Rubbermaid FastTrack® Garage Organisation System.”

Virtual volunteer
We decided to put this to the test. We invited a volunteer, Pam, a graphic designer with no previous Rubbermaid FastTrack® exposure, to install the 122cm rail system, capable of holding nearly 816kg, in her garage – by herself.

With more toys than tools cluttering up her garage—there’s clearly no space for a car to park in there—Pam was intrigued by the customisable aspect of Rubbermaid FastTrack® and was keen to get her family’s bikes and sports equipment (plus the odd tool) organised, off the floor and out of the way.

Pam chose the wall opposite the most-travelled path in the garage to set up Rubbermaid FastTrack®. The wall studs were situated at 40cm intervals, and once these were located, she was relieved to find the holes were pre-drilled on the racks themselves. “Not having pre-drilled holes was always an obstacle for me whenever I had to install anything wall-mounted,” she admits. “I’m never comfortable or inclined to start drilling through anything but drywall.” Pam proceeded to make the first hole and once the screw was drilled in, she made pencil markings for the next holes while the level rested atop the rack. In a matter of minutes the balance of the holes were marked off and screws were put into the first of the two racks.

With what Pam characterised as the “hard part” out of the way, she then slid the sleek black PVC cover strip over top of the rack in one step, with no tools required. Not only did she note the ease of installation to this point, she remarked on the polished look of the rails. “The covering makes it look so professional,” she says. “You don’t see any screws or bolts. It’s a very clean design.”

Next up was the immediate payoff of adding the hooks. Again, no tools: Pam just had to clip the rust-free hooks to the rails where she desired. The only difficult part, Pam admitted, was deciding which hook went where. (She said she’d have to live with a few different configurations. But more on this in a moment.) In mere moments, she had a Vertical Ball Rack, a Multi-Purpose Hook, and a Horizontal Bike Rack bearing part of the burden that the floor had for so long.

She was amazed at her own capabilities. “I did it!” she exclaimed. “Well, to be honest, it just wasn’t that difficult. I’d heard about (the system’s) weight capacity and versatility, but for me, the ease of installation is the characteristic that makes it so valuable. The beauty is in the simplicity—if I can install it, I’m pretty sure just about anyone can. And it just looks so smart.”

Changing times
Pam is aware that as her family grows, her lifestyle will tend to evolve, too. In terms of her garage, that can mean the introduction of (more) toys, strollers, training bikes and tricycles and, eventually, bigger bicycles. Where to store them while retaining the use of the space as either a workstation or even a corridor to pass through without clutter underfoot? Knowing that Rubbermaid FastTrack® can be easily configured, re-configured and expanded, Pam is going to experiment with modifications over the next few weeks to find out what suits her family best.