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Let’s Faucet : a clean, bacteria-free environment means everything to the kitchen sink.

Brainy drains

Clean kitchen solutions start with smarter sinks….

While kitchens are ideally the epitome of cleanliness and efficiency in today’s home, microbes responsible for everything from ugly mildew to unsavoury sink smells to potentially dangerous food poisoning are found in even the tidiest of kitchens. Fortunately, protecting your family’s health, as well as your kitchen’s attractiveness, can be as simple as switching your sinkware. Here’s what makes Rubbermaid’s Enhanced sinkware essential in the fight against germs.


Rubbermaid Enhanced sinkware products with Microban® antimicrobial technology provide protection in two ways. First, the cushioning surface of the in-sink products helps to protect sink and dishes alike from dings and chips. Second, the entire sinkware collection combats the growth of bacteria and germs, which can cause foul odours and stains in your sink or dish-draining area.

Rubbermaid’s Enhanced Dish Drainer with Loft offers roomy drying space, with a dedicated silverware caddy and versatile utensil holder. Because all surfaces are antimicrobial, neither the dish drainer nor matching angled Drain Board offer a place for odour or stain-causing germs and bacteria to grow. Rubbermaid’s Enhanced Sink Protector also has a lift-up panel to ensure ease of access to the drain, so keeping it free and clear is a breeze.

Smart new designs like Rubbermaid’s Enhanced Sink Divider Mat help contain clutter in the sink area, and also encourage complete drying of sponges and brushes. This means smelly and potentially harmful bacteria have less of a chance of growing. The vented sponge rest is especially helpful in this regard, since many sponges are in a constant bacteria-friendly state of dampness.

Cracks and chips in ceramic dishes can provide a spot for bacteria to grow. A padded sink mat like Rubbermaid’s Enhanced Sink Mat cushions the bottom of the sink, helping to prevent chips that might expose the unglazed portion of your ceramic dishes, creating a moist crevice for germs to flourish.

The mat also protects your sink bottom from heavy pots and pans, preventing dents and chips. The raised-foot design prevents water from getting trapped and stagnating underneath the mat, while Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria.


Adjust the inventive loft to fit your washing-and-drying task: Attach it vertically for drying cups and horizontally for large utensils.