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Well Sorted: Rubbermaid can help your plastics stay neat and organised.

Cupboard correction

Having an organised plastics cupboard is closer than you think….

If you’ve recently opened the kitchen cupboard that stores your plastics only to cause an avalanche of mismatched containers (we’ve all been there), then it’s high time to get better organised. With a little help from Rubbermaid you can readily revamp your kitchen plastics cupboard. The key: a functional system that incorporates all four types of containers from the Easy Find Lids™ system —Lock-its, Easy-Find Lids™, Produce Saver™ and Premier™.

Labouring Lids
You are probably aware that in the past most people who used plastic containers for food storage have either been unable to match lids or have lost the lids entirely. Rubbermaid have set out to make lid management easier and more convenient. Now the four distinct types of food storage containers not only provide practical solutions for every usage occasion, but they work together too.

Each of the four Rubbermaid food storage containers feature lids that snap to their own base so that they are always easy to find, and each have lids that snap to each other, which enable them to be stacked in multiple lid and container figurations.

With one lid fitting multiple bases it is more efficient to store, saving valuable space by its compactness. (Don’t worry: it doesn’t mean you get fewer lids. It just means the three-cup lid fits the three-cup container, the five-cup container and the seven-cup container so you have fewer lids to try to put on before you find the right one!)

The different size bases and lids, once they are snapped, fit together to make a nice compact stack that saves space in the cabinet. That’s good news for busy families that need a variety of storage for a whole range of usage: Easy Find Lids™ containers are perfect for everyday use; Produce Saver™is ideal for keeping (uncut) produce fresh; Premier™ is the stain resistant hero for storing, say, a tomato-based sauce; and Lock-its can be called on for extra security when you’re transporting that yummy marinade to the picnic grounds.