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The Berry Best: fruit and veggies get first-class treatment in Rubbermaid Produce Saver containers.

Fresh thinking

Innovative technology is keeping produce crisper….

Say goodbye to wilted greens and withered fruit. Rubbermaid’s new Produce Saver™ Line uses cutting edge technology to help your refrigerated fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. That means better nutrition is not only easier — it’s less expensive too, since you’ll be able to eat more and throw out less.

We asked Rubbermaid Food Storage Product Manager Megan Murphy to give us the whole story behind Produce Saver.

Q: How does Produce Saver™work?
A: “There’s a removable tray that sits on the bottom of each container, plus vents in the lid to allow for airflow. The tray lifts fruits and vegetables stored in the container out of moisture, while the vents allow the produce to breathe. We have found that this combination allows produce to stay fresh and crisp up to 33 percent longer versus traditional containers.”

Q: Is it easy to use?
A: “I have found it very easy to incorporate Produce Saver™into my everyday life! It’s so simple to use, yet it has a dramatic effect on how I store produce and how long it stays fresh.”

Besides extending the life of your fresh fruits and veggies, Rubbermaid’s Produce Saver™ Line has other benefits. These are:

EASY FIND LIDS: Lids and tray snap to the bottom of storage container bases or other lids when not in use.

SMART STORAGE: Graduated sized bases nest together to save cupboard space.

COLOUR-CODED FOR IDENTIFICATION: The clear bases are paired with vented lids and interior trays that are green, so you can immediately identify your Produce Saver™components from other Rubbermaid containers