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Selecting the right cooler is the first step in being cool.

Keep your cooler cold for up to five days

Seven simple steps for keeping your food colder longer….

  1. Use plenty of ice
    • The recommended amount of ice is approximately half a kilogram of ice per litre of your cooler.
    • Large cubes, blocks of ice, or ice substitutes such as Rubbermaid Blue Ice® are recommended over small cubes or shaved ice.
  2. Starting off right
    • Before you start packing, you should, at minimum, bring your cooler to room temperature at least 24 hours prior. Pre-chilling your cooler for a few hours before you begin your final packing is also a great way to start.
  3. Chill-out before you pack
    • Be sure to plan ahead. It’s recommended to pre-chill the items you plan to pack approximately one hour before you place items into your cooler.  As a guide, 12 cans of soft drink or four litres of liquid will melt approximately one kilogram of ice just to cool from room temperature.
  4. Ice goes last
    • Cold air travels down, so load your food or beverage items into your cooler first, then cover them with ice.
  5. Stay out of the sun
    • Unfortunately, coolers can’t wear sunscreen. Be sure to keep your cooler out of direct sunlight, as this will decrease the amount of time your cooler stays cool. Placement inside car, garages or on top of warm surfaces will also decrease the cooling time.
  6. Don’t drain the cold water
    • You should not drain the melted ice water from your cooler, because the melted water is more effective in keeping your cooler cool than empty air. Melted water also preserves the remaining ice better than empty air space.
  7. Keep the lid closed
    • Do you remember your mother telling you to keep the refrigerator door closed? The same goes for coolers. Try to keep the lid closed as much as possible, and open the cooler as little as needed. Keep the cold air in and your cooler will stay cold longer.