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Custom Made: for a more in depth look at the variety of ways the Rubbermaid wardrobe can be arranged, be sure to visit the Rubbermaid Configurations microsite.

Customising wardrobes

Just moved house? A fresh start for your new home begins in the wardrobe….

Moving from one home to another means a new beginning for your family. The beauty of starting from scratch is that you can customise your home organisation systems to suit your personal lifestyle needs—getting it right, right from the start.

One way to do this is to organise every wardrobe in your home before they have a chance to get cluttered. According to Betty Schmal, Rubbermaid’s Product Manager for Wardrobes, “Usually the priority is the master wardrobe and kids’ room wardrobes.” Increasingly, however, busy households are turning their attention to the back or side entranceways. “A trend we are seeing in new homes is a transition room,” says Betty. “These rooms are highly desired by busy families and it’s important they are neat, as they are usually open spaces, but hold every possible thing including outdoor wear, school bags, brief cases, sports equipment, and pet supplies.” Proper storage, she adds, “can help a family save time and reduce stress.”

When choosing a wardrobe organisation system, think of what it will hold, who is using it, and how their needs might change over time. Rubbermaid’s Configurations™ wardrobe system addresses all these issues, and are easy to install, making them great for busy families.

Consider installing a Configurations™ Deluxe Kit. There’s plenty of shelving space. Telescoping hang rods and fully expandable shelves mean there’s no cutting involved. The set can accommodate any wardrobe from 120cm to 240cm wide. Add-on accessories like shoe rods, sliding baskets and pants racks make customising easy.

Installing a new wardrobe system can take less than one afternoon, but the effect for homeowners is immeasurable. “Having a neat wardrobe that you’ve installed yourself can give you a real sense of pride,” says Betty. Whether you choose to install a system after you move in, or have it in place before you unpack, the right wardrobe organisation will improve your new home’s functionality and value.