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New Order: Rubbermaid’s Configurations wardrobe kit brings a man’s wardrobe into focus

Sorting the male

A proper man’s wardrobe should be an organised and functional time-saver….

Wardrobe organising isn’t exactly top of mind for the average male. Yet consider this: a neatly organised wardrobe can shave minutes from his morning routine, in many cases, making the difference between a relaxed versus stress-filled morning commute. Investing a couple hours of weekend time to get his wardrobe into top shape – Rubbermaid’s expandable Configurations™ Wardrobe System makes it simple – and will save him time over many busy workdays. Here’s what he needs to get started.

Closet Kit
Start with a Configurations™ Wardrobe Kit in the right, expandable, easy-to-install size for your reach-in or walk-in closet. With no cutting required, it installs in a snap, and the simple satin nickel finish is both durable and stylish.

Tie & Belt Organiser
Add the Configurations™ Tie & Belt Organiser to provide easy glide-out access to up to 30 perfectly organised belts and ties.

Wood Shelf Kit
The Configurations™ 3 Shelf Kit is the ideal spot to stack folded casual wear such as sweaters and sweatshirts. And because the kit is adjustable, when the winter wear goes into storage come spring and summer, the shelves can be modified for other uses.

Two Drawer Unit
For closed storage of smaller garments, the Configurations™ Double Drawer Unit is essential. Use it to hold items that any discerning man should discreetly store, from undergarments and socks to t-shirts and gym clothes.

Wardrobe Shoe Shelves
Finally, don’t forget the Configurations™ Shoe Shelves that securely hold six to eight pairs of shoes on two ventilated shelves per set. The angled shelving ensures optimal visibility of the entire shoe to minimise searching.